Sounds great! What do I need to do?

It's simple to do!

1. Register a free Google My Business page, if it doesn't already exist, and claim it as your business. It can take up to a couple weeks to activate. Need help? No problem, we're also Google Mapmakers and can help you create your listing quickly at no extra charge! 2. Hire PhotoLocation Wales for a single shoot of your business. 3. Done! After the shoot, the images will be uploaded by PhotoLocation Wales right into your search result page and Google Maps. (We can even supply the code to place on your own website so your visitors can see the tour without having to view them on Google).

Virtual Tour Preparation

Getting set-up and ready for your virtual tour is very important when marketing your business on-line. Remember that a virtual tour will filter out many home shoppers and unnecessary clean-ups, so doing a great job on the first pass will certainly pay off in the end. PhotoLocation Wales  recommends you give your staff a copy of this check- list several days prior to the scheduled date of your shoot.  Our photographers will have limited time at each location since several tours are scheduled daily.  Please remember, our interactive tours will make your property look amazing on-line,  but our photographers will not stage or clean for you.

Virtual Tour Preparedness Suggestions:


Spruce up your main entrance, if that includes a garden and lawn; trim shrubbery if necessary. Yard and patio should be neat; outdoor furniture should be in good shape. Mow the lawn; make sure the driveway & entryway are free of clutter (toys, bikes, etc.) In Winter - keep the pavements cleared of snow.

Reception Areas:

Remove clutter and tidy up the shelves. Move excess furniture out of rooms. You want the space clean, open, and clutter-free. Replace burnt out light bulbs (the photographer will need light in most rooms).


Clean off counters; remove any clutter. If your shoot is out of business hours consider making a point of sale display in the vacant spaces. Make sure dirty/clean dishes are out of the sink & put away. Remove temporary notices, schedules that are not applicable to a on-line viewer. Empty the bins. Put essential items used daily in a small box that can be stored away. Close toilet lid and empty the garbage. Clean mirrors & glass surfaces.


Check the basics around your store (indoors & out). It takes just a minute to make sure the premises are clutter-free and all is in order. Turn on as many lights as you can when the photographer arrives. Try not to be in the room the photographer is photographing as you may end up in the photo.

The photographer cannot/will not:

Move furniture Clean or dust Move clutter Pick up/move clutter. The premises MUST be ready for the photographer when he/she arrives. Upon arrival our photographers can wait no longer than 10 minutes for additional preparations. If a wait longer than this happens we may have to move on to our next scheduled appointment and the virtual tour will be rescheduled. If this happens a rescheduling fee will apply.


Walk through the proposed tour a day or so before the shoot with a Camera Phone or Digital Camera and view the images on a computer monitor, you are bound to notice things that go unnoticed on a casual glance. The examples on the left are things we noticed on existing tours that can spoil the shoot. If your shoot takes place when the premises are closed to the public consider putting point of sales materials in empty areas, counters, staff areas and exits. Remove notices and time sensitive promotions that will no longer apply in the future. Conceal security devices alarms and safes that may be seen during the virtual tour. Within ten days you‘ll get an email from Daniel letting you know that the images have all been processed and your virtual tour is live on-line for the whole world to see. Now it is time to spread the word and incorporate your new virtual tour into your website and your social media pages making sure that your business stands out from the competition on Google Maps and Google Search. For more information on embedding the tour into your website and social media just ask. Note that it will work on iPad, iPhone and Android devices too. Some statistics recently compiled from various sources including BBC Click. Approximately 55% of all local searches are done with intent to buy. 80% of consumers who research on-line call or visit a local shop or business 60% of those consumers end up buying from that shop or business. 74% of Internet users perform local searches Research commissioned by Best Western in the US . . . • According to research by DoubleClick on behalf of Best Western, virtual tours generate 46% more sales (bookings) than still images! 85% of all web traffic (Your potential clients) comes from search engines 4.5+ million searches/day are performed in the UK alone and about 20% of search queries on Google are location related (which means that there are nearly 1 million location related internet searches every day in the UK) 60% of searchers NEVER go past the 3rd page of search results 70%+ of all searches are done on Google sites Among iPhone and Android users, the most frequently used app is Google Maps contact: Daniel Challenger Google Trusted Photographer 07854 966560  |