rom a very young age I have always been fascinated by the technology used in theatre and television, some of my earliest memories was the wonder of that shaft of light that brought wonder and excitement to the big screen, or the special effects employing lasers and computer graphics. Upon leaving school I had already served several years at the Dolman Theatre and the British Film Institute Regional Theatre in Newport, so still in my teens I moved to London and secured a position at the Warner Theatre Leicester Sq. In a cinema career that spanned 10 years, I was the Youngest Cinema Manager, had worked at the biggest test-bed for new technology at the ODEON Marble Arch, and worked at most of the London based as relief taking over units when required often at a moments notice.  Moving on, I used the skills I had acquired  to secure positions in three of the biggest advertising agencies the the UK, Working in the TV departments, I was involved at every level from new business acquisition, creative reviews, production meetings, research presentations and media planning.  This was during the The “Mad Men” era when I worked with 3 people that went on to win Oscars and some of the most creative minds of our age. Another change of direction in 1983 with the sudden death of a dear friend Terry Higgins from a mysterious illness, later identified as AIDS, seeing the need for urgent action when there was little urgency from government or the media I founded the Terrence Higgins Trust that 34 years later is today the largest sexual health charity in Europe. A feature length documentary film, AFTER82 will be released later this year covering that era. It was my love of nightclubs and technology that lead me to be among the first to take LASERS out of the laboratory and use them for public entertainment. I set up Horizon Laser Systems and over the following 10 years fired lasers from Canary Wharf, Oxford Street Blackpool Tower, 3 seasons of Saturday Night Live and LASER effects for too many bands clubs and venues to mention here.  Donating its first LASER to the Royal Greenwich Observatory is one installation that can be still seen to this day. This resulted in an invitation to teach Computer Graphics at the Thames Valley University and although I no longer teach, computer graphics, as art, it is something I do for pleasure and relaxation as much for commercial and community projects. I have now returned home to Newport and after successfully fought a battle with cancer, I am truly excited to be part of a renewed vision of Newport,  Street View Inside allows us to show of our invigorated city and region in Google Search Google Maps and Google Street View.

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ith a background in high level computer support Daniel has spent the past 7 years advising a multitude of clients in commercial, retail and residential that require millimetre accurate floor-plans every time and jokes his eyesight can survey a site as accurate as our laser devices, its not that hard you might think, but have you ever tried measuring stairs? You can rely on Dan to provide a floor plan with a suggested tour and costings that have no nasty surprises.  Every Street View Inside tour is important to us.
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